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Tertiary treatment of DRINKING WATER ZF-10C

Tertiary treatment of DRINKING WATER ZF-10C
System pressure purification of drinking water, the perfect solution for small enterprises
* 100 l / h
to 10 m3
  Replacement cartridges
Method of cleaning
Basket Price: 48 000 rub.

Key feature

Purification of drinking water system ZF- 10C is the most effective and unique device for water filtration

 under the pressure of the main water supply . The system includes :

Filter «SL 5 ", intended for the mechanical purification of water;

pressure filter «ZF- 10M " is used for water purification cartridge ZF-10K based   on  nano  sorbent HRCM ;

UV lamp ;

the water meter ;

fittings to connect to the water supply.

Used a combination of two filters and ultraviolet lamp can purify water from harmful substances and disease-causing bacteria, keeping the content of useful salts and minerals. In addition to solids and slurries, ZF- 10C using technology HRCM removes heavy metals from water , oil and petrochemicals , chlorine, oil and much more, making the water crystal clear and useful.

After purification of our water filters - water acquires biologically active properties, which help to restore some of the functions of the body, violations which occurred in diseases or adverse environmental conditions .

In filters applied replaceable cartridges, so the system ZF- 10C will serve you for many years. You can directly order system ZF- 10C pack with spare cartridges to get rid of further trouble.


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