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  • Мария Захарова
    Екатеринбург, 01.11.2017
  • Анастасия Мирошина
    Москва, 02.08.2017
  • Елена Шувалова
    Bought home filter " zolotoya formula" - a bucket model ZF- Funnel . We use them at home and at the cottage with a take . House clears water from the tap , and the country - from the column . The site says that the sorbent in the filter mak...
    Всеволожск, 08.04.2018
  • Альбина Масягина
    Санкт-Петербург, 12.03.2017
  • Анна Шарапова
    Recently relatives gave us a filter ZF- 5 from " gold Formula " . They said he was due nanosorbent not only cleans , but even kills bacteria , and our family with kids this is...
    Дмитров, 17.02.2017
  • Константинова Аня
    мкр. Южный, 19.04.2016
  • Василий Петров
    I bought a filter and to date remains rather , all on
    excellent level, 100% quality and inexpensive filter cartridges do essential in
    use, most importantly no impurities ! My advice: gain !
    Краснодар, 01.12.2017
  • Александра Крень
    Friends bought a water filter that attaches to the faucet . Looking
    to them , we are a family , too, decided to buy a similar - and chose the "golden formula " model ZF-
    Source - wrote that he also kills germs . It turned out ve...
    Нижний Новгород, 03.04.2018
  • Мартынюк Виктор
    Астрахань, 15.04.2017
  • Екатерина Фирсова
    Пермь, 06.04.2016
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About us

LLC «"Holding" Golden Formula » - the only producer of unique nano-sorbent HRCM ("High Reactivity Carbon Mixture " * ) , as well as filters and water purification systems based on it.

All "Golden Formula" is protected against forgery using latentogramm that allows our customers to not be afraid of purchase counterfeit products.

The company provides a full range of services for the installation of individual water purification systems in apartments, cottages, companies from the project, water extraction for research, start- up system.

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