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Cartridge for Filter ZF-2 (SYSTEM ZF-2C)

Cartridge for Filter ZF-2 (SYSTEM ZF-2C)
General cleaning, bactericidal effect.
to 50* l./h
26*8*8 cm
to 2 000* l.
  Replacement cartridges
Method of cleaning
CNS (carbon nanostructures) - HRCM Sorption
Old price:   1 800 rub.
New price:   3 190 rub.

Key feature

Replacement cartridge for domestic pressure filter ZF- 2 and water purification systems ZF-2C allows deep cleaning of drinking water in the filter and it has a bactericidal effect , destroying bacteria . Cartridge offers high performance , its resource designed for cleaning drinking water of up to 2000 liters , while its performance is up to 50 liters per hour .

The cartridge contains HRCM - sorbent , which not only cleans the water content of the sediment , heavy metals, oil, petroleum products and other hazardous substances that may be in the water , but also makes the water is clean, clear with a bluish tinge . At this level of minerals and salts in the water in the filtering process is not reduced. Sorption HRCM is the new unique technology , which has no analogues in the world and only used in the filters of " Golden Formula ".

This cartridge is suitable for all standard systems SlimLine 10

Regular consumption obtained from our water filter is extremely beneficial for the body. HRCM Purified drinking water is biologically active , it has antioxidant properties , increases the adaptive capacity of the organism.

In the online store of our company you can buy filter cartridges ZF- 2 ( system ZF-2C) on retail or wholesale.


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