Tertiary treatment systems of DRINKING WATER ZF-100C

Tertiary treatment systems of  DRINKING WATER ZF-100C
System pressure purification of drinking water, to be connected to the water system, the perfect solution for enterprises
* 500 l / h
0.4х0,14х0.14 m
to 100* m3
  Replacement cartridges
Method of cleaning
Basket Price: 162 000 rub.

Key feature

The system is intended for purification of drinking water from such as solids and suspended solids , and residual chlorine , iron, heavy metals , organics ( oils, mineral oil , etc.). Consists of a comb filter SL 
10 " , pressure filter " ZF- 100M " , ultraviolet lamps, water meter and fittings for connection to the water system .

The advantage of this model to the bulk -line filters is that the inside of the cartridge system worth BB Series 20 to facilitate maintenance and replacement of spent cartridges.

* The indicated maximum values ??of performance and resource. Actual performance and resource values ??depend on the quality of source water

- Prefilter : dimensions 0.4h0 , 14h0.14 m, weight 1.5 kg .

- Filter housing : dimensions 0.56h0 , 34h1.085m


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